Seven Summer Activities- a guide for moms

Seven Summer Activities- A Guide for Moms

Whether you’re a mom, nanny, grandma, or anyone taking care of kids… take advantage of the outdoors with your little ones this summer!

I was inspired to create this list because my son is about a year and a half old and is finally at the age where he really enjoys being out and about doing things. Maybe you’re like me and you hear ideas about different things to do with your kids all the time! But it’s hard to keep track of them. So, I compiled this list to easily have all the different options in one place as I plan our outings this summer.

If you’re local to Greenville, I actually included some links as well, so you can head straight to the website and plan your outing! If not local, use this list as inspiration for taking advantage of your own local spots.

  1. Go to the Zoo
  2. Visit a local Orchard
  3. Have fun at the Park or Playground
  4. Tour a local Farm
  5. Spend a Day at the Children’s Museum
  6. Take a Mom and Toddler class together to learn a new skill or craft
  7. Go to a Water Park

They’re only young once! Have a blast creating memories and soaking up this time together!

Leave a comment with something fun you’re planning to do with your kiddos this Summer.

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