Are you in the trenches of life and searching for hope? You’re not alone and you’re welcome here.

Do you need some encouragement for your soul? That’s what I want to share with you!

It is my truest passion to know God and to delight in him above all else. I want to live purposefully and choose the things that matter in life over the things that don’t. My hope is that through my words here, you will find honest encouragement in your own walk with God as his beloved daughter.

– My Story –

I experienced tremendous loss as a child. The kind of loss that changes your entire life. The kind of loss that paralyzes you and makes you feel as if you will never survive it. When I was eight years old my family and I were on our way to the beach for a family vacation when we were in a car accident that took the lives of my parents and four of my siblings. My older brother and I were the only ones in my family to survive.

As with all loss, the ones left behind are faced with a mountain in front of them: how to move forward through the unbearable. My journey is no exception. I have experienced unimaginable lows and surprising unimaginable highs. The Lord has carried me when I believed it was impossible to keep going. He has taken my life- and what should have turned out to be a tragedy- and made it into something beautiful.

Now, over 20 years later, I have found a hope and trust in God that has carried me in the darkness of my grief. By God’s grace, He has allowed me to continue my own healing journey and help others along theirs. My hope is that my story will provide encouragement if you are in a place of hurting. God has provided a way for me through the pain of loss, and I know He can do the same for you.

Thanks for reading, friend! If you are reading this and you have questions for me or a story of your own you’d like to share, I’d love for you to contact me here!

This is a huge part of my life, but this is not the only thing I talk about.

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– Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler –


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