My first book, “What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss” is now available! Order it wherever you get books!

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what now? Finding renewed life in christ after loss

Book Description:

Kaitlyn Odom Fiedler was eight years old when she woke up alone in a hospital room, the victim of a horrible car accident that claimed the lives of six of her family members as they traveled on their way to vacation at the beach. Left with only one living brother, young Kaitlyn was left with the question, What Now?
How do you find hope after loss? Twenty years later, Kaitlyn has found her hope and wants to encourage others as they struggle with their own trials. What Now?: Finding Renewed Life in Christ After Loss brings a refreshing perspective of hope and will help answer the questions of how to move forward, not just move on, when it seems there is nothing left on which to cling. Readers will discover how Kaitlyn moved from questioning to trusting God in times of sorrow, and they will find hope and healing in their own grief journey along the way.

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